Monday, July 04, 2016

Engage Your Customers: The Future of Retail Displays

Every retail business knows that it takes an excellent display to promote its products. Whether it is clothes, shoes, jewelry, other accessories, or even technology, it takes that proper display of the items to have that sales pitch.  Retail displays allow customers to view the item and from there they start imagining how it will fit their style. But the question is, “What is the most engaging retail display?” Recent news has it that six futuristic retail displays are make its way to the shopping experience. According to 6 Futuristic Retail Displays That Will Change Your Idea of ‘E-Commerce,’ digital displays are about to merge online and offline shopping experiences (2015).

Shopping and Making Purchases In Front of a Window

In the past, customers have walked by a clothing retail window, saw a display mannequin of a particular outfit, and wondered how it would look in another color or style? Well guess what? Replacing in-store displays, Bloomingdale’s is starting the clothing to-go window for Ralph Lauren clothing. “Shoppers [passing by] could tap color swatches on a touchscreen facing the sidewalk. That same colored shirt, tie or pants would materialize behind the window. If they liked what they saw, they could text “POLO” for a link to a checkout page” (Kedmey, 2015). This technique will surely engage customers, with its theatrical image giving the public an extremely new, interesting, and easy way to shop through its point of purchase displays.

Shopping and Making Purchases in the Dressing Room

Another engaging display is the interactive dressing room. In the past, every retail shopper has experienced trying on clothes in the fitting room, and realizing that they need a different size or color, they find themselves having to get dressed again just to go out in the store to retrieve the right item. To create a more simple shopping experience, Rebecca Minkoff is coming out with the dressing room that contains a touchscreen mirror that allows customers the opportunity to browse through alternative designs, colors, and sizes (Kedmey, 2015). They even have the ability to make a purchase right in the fitting room.

Interactive Gaming Displays

Some people have an eye for gaming. That is why Angry Birds is coming out with a new way to engage its customers. “Game maker Rovio installed a gaming booth where shoppers could strap on Samsung Gear VR goggles and start slinging birds in three-dimensions” (Kedmey, 2015). This in-store display is not only interactive and engaging, but customers no longer have to wait turns to try out the games.

These future store displays have goals to make customer shopping experiences interactive, engaging, and uncomplicated. From walking up to a window, choosing alternative selections, and making a sale, the new technological ease of shopping will make customers want to come back for more.


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